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Rising oil prices and increasingly strict regulation on ship emissions means, in order to remain competitive, shipping companies are required to optimize their ships' propulsion technologies with continual developments in ships and marine technology. We serve the shipping industry with a mix of media products and events targeted to help marine technology professionals succeed in their jobs and better understand the market in which they work. Up-to-date information on the impact new technology is having on the operation and build processes. Products and processes that are making a positive impact on the efficiency and economy of operation and enable a ship to meet new legislative demands.

The Motorship, the marine technology magazine, is read by ship owners, shipbuilders, engineers and all who are connected with shipping. The Motor Ships annual directory Marine Engines covers engines with ratings of 300kW and upwards from around the world

Providing coverage of new developments and the challenges facing the marine industry, The Motorship is a vital resource for ship owners, shipbuilders and all who are connected with shipping and the sea. It provides regular technical features, plus objective and accurate news from around the world.

Insight for marine technology professionals

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The annual Motorship Propulsion & Emissions Conference brings industry professionals together to network, discuss topical issues and exchange information and ideas. In particular: marine engineers, marine superintendents, technical managers, maritime lecturers/professors, research team leaders, CEOs and MDs, shipowners, ship operators and managers, shipowners' technical departments who deal with fuel and lubricant issues, fuel and lubricant manufacturers and suppliers and individuals and organisations who are involved in emission control technologies.

The 38th Motorship Propulsion & Emissions Conference, 11-12 May 2016, Hamburg,

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The annual Gas Fuelled Ships Conference, in association with The Motorship, sees a full house of architects, shipyards, designers, shipowners, ship managers, port authorities, LNG brokers, agents, classification societies and manufacturers coming together to discuss and exchange ideas on the use of LNG and other 'fuels of the future'. The event will comprise a two day technical conference, social events including the gala dinner and technical visits.

The 7th Gas Fuelled Ships Conference, 16-18 November 2016, Hamburg,

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