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How to share your video content with us

We’re looking for more video content to share with our audience.

There are plenty of ways of sharing video content with us:

  • Sharepoint/one drive – if you use sharepoint, uploading a file and sharing the folder/file by typing in an email address will give us access to download the files within the folder – make sure you enable access for people outside your organisation​

  • You can also upload your content to YouTube and share the link with us, where we will be able to download it from there or you can share the embed code; this will enable us to embed the video content on our websites

  • Wetransfer is another source you can share larger files with us. Just like an email, but through Wetransfer website, you can attach your file and type in the recipients email address

  • Google drive can also give us access to video content you wish to share, like sharepoint, you can upload files and share with recipients email address

  • You will also be able to Dropbox; it is another website where you can upload files and share with the recipients email address

If you would like to send us videos and would like more information, please contact

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