High Energy Mariculture Europe: Key to Successful Business Development

22 Oct 2018

Site selections, feed and certification are crucial to business development.

High Energy Mariculture Conference 2018 took place from 17-19 October in Corfu, Greece and saw presenters and delegates from around the globe in attendance.

Conference Chairman Langley Gace explained that one of the most important parts of starting an aquaculture venture is site selection, as he opened session 5 of the conference. This session looked at selecting the right site for offshore operations, as well as planning considerations, restrictions and recommendations when establishing high energy operations. This was followed by a session on the role of selective breeding for favourable traits, such as disease-resistance, the latest innovations in hatcheries and fish health, and presentations on aquaculture feeds and how to manage these for optimal production performance and survival. These two sessions gave attendees a further scientific insight into issues surrounding offshore farming.

The conference demonstrated the strength of offshore aquaculture and how it is no longer a novelty. Langley stressed the benefits of farming in the open sea and encouraged the audience to work to maintain continual growth similar to the 8 to 9% growth seen in the salmon industry, commenting, "It's comforting to look back on 40 years of salmon growth and see that 8 to 9% growth. we can do the same thing in the open ocean”.

Aquaculture insurance policies were discussed, with a focus on adding value to products. Support is available for offshore farms from organisations such as the Global Aquaculture Alliance and Aquaculture Stewardship Council that offer help in certification based on pillars of responsible aquaculture, such as food safety, social awareness and environmental compliance.

Katherine Hawes, Principal Solicitor and Barrister at Aquarius Lawyers spoke to the audience from Australia via video link to discuss how the ocean could be regulated and sold, with a focus on property rights in water space “Aquaculture development can only take place when there is a strong regulatory and legal environment, and this environment needs to be understood for developments to happen, including in offshore farming”. She concluded that choosing the right site for farming is crucial to a successful development”

Marianne Rasmussen Coulling, Events Director at Mercator Media, brought the High Energy Mariculture Conference to a close, thanking all the sponsors, presenters and Langley Gace for his role as conference chairman. For more information please contact the events team on +44 1329 825335 or email conferences@offshoremariculture.com