Reykjavík to host third Fish Waste for Profit Conference

23 Jan 2019

The conference will explore opportunities for increasing profits by finding innovative uses for processing by-products, which would otherwise be discarded.

Taking place from the 10 to 11 April 2019 in Reykjavik, Iceland, the Fish Waste for Profit Conference will focus on the reutilisation industry and how companies can maximise return on investment from potentially discarded parts of the catch.

Taking place at the Grand Hotel Reykjavík, the conference will comprise one and a half days of presentations followed by a technical visit. This year’s conference will provide attendees with real life case studies on how businesses can take advantage of the emerging market of fish reutilisation. Topics include:

- Leading by example – the Icelandic by-product reutilisation industry
- Innovations in processing technology
- Prospects for by-product reutilisation across the globe

Marianne Rasmussen, Events Director at Mercator Media, organisers of Fish Waste for Profit, is a strong advocate for the reutilisation industry, and having run the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition since 1996, she has seen first-hand how decreasing landing volumes have affected the potential for profit in the industry. “Finding other avenues for generating profit has become an essential consideration for fishermen, aquaculturists and processors alike”, she explains “Fish Waste for Profit has created a forum through which all of these groups can learn from the experts.”
Iceland has been chosen once again as the location of Fish Waste for Profit, not only because of its links with the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition, but also because Iceland is home to the pioneers paving the way in the reutilisation industry. Little known two decades ago, the industry is rapidly growing, with many successful Icelandic companies dedicated exclusively to developing technologies for by-product processing.

A study by Matís, the research and science community based on strong research infrastructure and collaboration to maximise impact of investment in research and innovation, has indicated that between 1981 and 2017 Iceland has achieved a staggering increase in value creation of 218 million XDR from cod catch. This equates to a revenue of around 36 billion ISK which is particularly impressive considering that the time during which this significant increase has taken place, from 1981 to 2017, gross catch tonnage saw a reduction of 45%.

The conference’s technical visit on the final afternoon will take delegates to Codland, a company who pride themselves on achieving utilisation for each fish caught. Codland believe it is their responsibility “to make the most out of every kilo of catch” by utilising biotechnical solutions to create valuable, new products from underutilised raw material from the fishing industry. Delegates will gain exclusive insight and knowledge on how products including fish oil fish meal, marine collagen and mineral supplements are created and sold by this innovative company.

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