Online advertising - preparing files to send

Online Specifications

Our site incorporates ‘responsive’ designs. It can detect the device on which it is being displayed, whether desktop PC, tablet or mobile, and render with the size, layout and resolution that makes it easiest-to-read.

It is very important that the size of online advertisement files match industry standards. The accepted current industry standard is set by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. The IAB Ad Unit Guidelines are intended for marketers, agencies and media companies for use in the creating, planning, buying and selling of interactive marketing and advertising. This standard is applied by nearly every media company in the world. The following guidelines apply to material created by Mercator or supplied by clients or agencies.

Acceptable Formats

  • GIF, animated GIF, JPEG, PNG
  • Flash Files should be avoided as they do not render on Apple devices
  • If a Flash File is the only format available, you must supply the file with an embedded tracking code & a GIF or JPEG
  • Flash Files will not be accepted for mobile usage, please supply a static image
  • An active website URL must be supplied for the advertisement to link to a Directory entry
  • Supplied rich media in advertisements is subject to our approval

File size

Files that are too big slow website loading times for visitors to the site. Supplied material that exceeds the maximum file size indicated by more than 20% will be returned to the originator for revision

  • The maximum file size is 40KB.
  • The maximum animation length is 15 seconds

Production Lead Time

  • Client supplied material is required 3 business days in advance of being shown

Company online directory add-ons

  • PDFs, 40KB per item. Max 10 sec loading time.
  • AV/Video content is served via YouTube. Recommended duration is max. 30 seconds. Max file size 250KB. Either:
    1. Via your own YouTube account - please supply us with the video code.
    2. Via Mercator Media's YouTube account - please supply us with a video file (MPEG4 with MP3 audio for best results).