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Journey to Net Zero - New SMI webinar series

Join the new series of clean maritime-themed webinars organised by SMI in partnership with Seawork - beginning on March 8.

This series focuses on improved vessel efficiency and sustainability in the run up to the Seawork exhibition in June. Delivered by leading experts from industry and academia, the series will cover topics such as the impact of the new regulations and guidance, vessel integration and underwater radiated noise.

Webinar topics and dates:

Webinar 1 - 8th March - Future fuels: Viability of low carbon fuels and green technologies for shipping

Webinar 2 - 4th April - Vessel Integration

Webinar 3 - 11th May - New Emission Regulation & Guidance

Webinar 4 - 6th June - Underwater Radiated Noise: An unheard emission

Future Fuels: Viability of low carbon fuels and green technologies for shipping

The Net-Zero challenge needs a global effort across all sectors to achieve its objectives. Although energy saving technologies can help us to reduce emissions the hot topic and single greatest impact can be made through the introduction of future zero/low carbon fuels. Unfortunately, there is no clear silver bullet or single replacement for fossil fuels, instead there is a complex matrix of compromises from any replacement fuel solution.

New energy solutions create a myriad of challenges and risks to ship designers that all need to be considered and mitigated. In this talk we will outline a range of different future fuels being considered by the maritime industry, we will hear from some of the latest cutting-edge academic research and hear how engine manufacturers are looking at near term solutions as well as long term developments. Please join us to explore the complex but promising world of future maritime fuels.

This session will be moderated by Tim Currass, Programme Director at SMI. Tim will be joined by the above expert panel of speakers for this first session in the series.

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