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  • Historic GDR boat goes to highest bidder

    23 Nov 2014 - The Motorship
    A piece of modern German history goes under the hammer in Rostock soon when the state yacht and conference boat once used by East Germany’s Communist leaders is sold at auction, writes Tom Todd.
  • CWM FX signs as LBS title sponsor

    21 Nov 2014 - Boating Business
    LBS: With CWM FX agreeing a title sponsorship, the 2015 London Boat Show will become known as the CWM FX London Boat Show.
  • Low cost GPS compass

    21 Nov 2014 - Maritime Journal
    A GPS compass is probably the best form of heading sensor available because it provides a direct read out of a vessel's heading with no corrections to apply. It works by having two GPS receivers mounted a fixed distance apart and measuring the angular distance between them. Because the two receivers are both subject to the same errors created by outside sources these errors are cancelled out so that the heading obtained from a GPS compass is both accurate and reliable.
  • Auckland counsels Fiji ports

    21 Nov 2014 - Port Strategy
    Ports of Auckland is understood to be offering support and advice to Fiji Ports Corporation as the latter looks to further develop the port of Suva’s position as a shipping hub for the Pacific region.
  • Concerns over NZ port sector safety

    21 Nov 2014 - Port Strategy
    Uproar has followed the Rail and Maritime Transport Union’s (RMTU) release of WorkSafe New Zealand statistics on accidents reported at ports around the country.